Hanjun Kim  

Associate Professor
Departments of Creative IT Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering, POSTECH

Ph.D. 2013, Department of Computer Science, Princeton University

Office: C5 217
Phone: 054-279-8865
Email: first_name at postech.ac.kr
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My primary research interests are in compiler optimization, parallel programming and computer architecture. (visit CoreLab for details.)

Selected Recognition (see Curriculum Vitae for full list.)

  • Awarded the Intel Corporation Ph.D Fellowship for pursuing leading-edge work in fields related to Intel's business and research interests, 2012
  • Appointed as a Siebel Scholar based on academic achievement and excellence by the Siebel Scholars Foundation, 2012

    Selected Publications (see Publications for full list.)

  • Real-Time IoT Platform [RTSS 2017]
  • IoT Programmability [IEEE MICRO 2016], [LCTES 2017], [RSP 2017]
  • IoT Security [SACMAT 2017]
  • Automatic Computation Offload (Mobile-Cloud) [MICRO 2015]
  • Automatic Loop Specialization [ASPLOS 2013]
  • Parallelism Orchestration [PLDI 2011]
  • Automatic Speculative Parallelization [SC 2011], [CGO 2010], [PLDI 2012], [HiPC 2017]
  • Software Multi-Threaded Transactional Memory Systems [ASPLOS 2010], [MICRO 2010]

    Current Graduate Students

  • Gyeongmin Lee
  • Bongjun Kim
  • Seonyeong Heo
  • Changsu Kim
  • Juwon Kang
  • Bongjun Hyun
  • Seungbin Song
  • Sungjun Cho


  • Compiler Design: 2013F, 2014F, 2015F, 2016S 2017S
  • Parallel Programming: 2014S, 2017S
  • Automata: 2015S
  • Advanced Compiler: 2016S
  • Creative IT Design I: 2014S, 2014F, 2016S, 2016F
  • Creative IT Design II: 2013F, 2014F, 2015S, 2016F, 2017S
  • Creative IT Design III: 2015S, 2015F, 2017S
  • Creative IT Design IV: 2015F, 2016S